Jul. 16th, 2016

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Below are posts I've done elsewhere on this already or find noteworthy for some reason and are to be readily available here for anyone to skim.

Last Edited On - 07/16/16

Archived Personal Posts
1 - Post made after the initial binge/hospitalization
2 - Addressing frustration at drinking
3 - Official diagnosis of depression
4 - Second binge/hospitalization
5 - Life in recovery
6 - 1st Anniversary of The Big Binge

Archived Community Posts
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This is a general open chat/meeting post for anyone, on or off Anon, for those that want to make a post but can't/won't or just want to focus on one small subject.

Please try to keep the subjects oriented towards addiction and recovery, but anything relating to your story or these processes is welcome. We are not a medical facility nor a legal one, so do not expect anything but personal experience and opinion. Please add any warnings for potentially upsetting content.

And remember, keep coming back.
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Daily thought/discussion post for 07/16/16

July 16th )


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