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Daily thought/discussion post for 09/06/16

Prayer Under Pressure

Whenever I find myself under acute tensions, I lengthen my daily walks and slowly repeat our Serenity Prayer in rhythm to my steps and breathing.

If I feel that my pain has in part been occasioned by others, I try to repeat, "God grant me the serenity to love their best, and never fear their worst." This benign healing process of repetition sometimes necessary to persist with for days, has seldom failed to restore me to at least a workable emotional balance and perspective.

As Bill Sees It - p250 - Grapevine from March 1962 (AA)

Removing Threats To Sobriety

. . . except when to do so would injure them or others.

Alcoholics Anonymous - p59 - from Daily Reflections (AA)
Commentary Here

Regular Meeting Attendance

We have learned form our group experience that hose who keep coming to our meetings regularly stay clean.

Commentary: The NA program gives us a new pattern of living. One of the basic elements of that new pattern is regular meeting attendance. For the newcomer, living clean is a brand-new experience. All that once was familiar is changed. The old people, places, and things that serves as props on the stage of our lives are gone. New stresses appear, no longer masked or deadened by drugs. That's why we often suggest that newcomers attend a meeting every day. No matter what comes up, no matter how crazy the day gets, we know that our daily meeting awaits us. There, we can renew contact with other recovering addicts, people who know what we're going through because they've been through it themselves. No day needs to go by without the relief we get only form such fellowship.

As we mature in recovery, we get the same kinds of benefits from regular meeting attendance. Regardless of how long we've been clean, we never stop being [addicts]. True, we probably won't immediately start [using] in mass quantities of [drugs] if we miss our meetings for a few days. But the more regularly we attend [NA] meetings, the more we reinforce our identity as recovered [addicts]. And each meeting helps put us that much further from becoming using [addicts] again.

Just For Today: I will make a commitment to include regular meeting attendance as a part of my new pattern of living.

Just For Today - September 6th (NA)

Life and Taxes

I felt myself move with a new power, courage, and faith that, by the grace of God, I have acquired as a result of working the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Grapevine - Conn., June 2005 (AA)

Atma's Thoughts

Some say repetition dulls the mind. Others say the only way to learn is through rote work. Sometimes it's both, sometimes it's neither, but when it comes to rebooting your systems, it can be one of the only ways to restore your sanity is to go through something rote, as it forces you to reset your momentum and inner metronome and get back in the beat of something else so you can get back in the beat of other things.

We at our dojo prefer to do this with push-ups, because they're simple, can be done most anywhere (even against a wall if needed), noiseless, healthy for your mind and body, and you can get in the pattern of counting all of them as the first one, without keeping track of how many "first ones" you've had. Soon, your mind snaps back out of it and you lose track of everything but the physical process of doing this, and you've reset yourself successfully and without burdening others. This ties in to to the doing things and amends without harming others bit that's part of our steps as mentioned yesterday and today.

It doesn't have to be push-ups, it just works the best for burly martial artist types like us. Any kind of simple, easily repetitive exercise will do. Cortisol is a major hormone in everyone that accumulates under stress and the easiest way to flush it back out of your system is through physical activity. Instead of focusing on destroying someone or something with it, hitting a punching bag or a pillow or walking or something will get it out with no harm to you or others done.

And with that, it's easy to let yourself tell yourself to go take a hike. Maybe it's exactly what you needed to hear.

As for daily meetings, I can only attend a couple a week myself regularly outside my home, usually one for AA and one for NA, so I think of this as a meeting in and of itself, as it gets me thinking about the literature and morals and such daily, and the only thing you need for a meeting is two people who are willing to talk honestly, so you have me as the dedicated addict in recovery hosting it, and everyone else getting recovery who reads it. That makes our two to tango, and a meeting is complete anytime you read the entries here. How neat is that?

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