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Daily thought/discussion post for 09/03/16

Have You Experimented?

"Since open-mindedness and experimentation are supposed to be the indefensible attributes of 'scientific' civilization, it seems strange that so many scientists are reluctant to try out personally the hypothesis that God came first and man afterward. They prefer to believe that man is the chance product of evolution; that God, the Creator, does not exist.

"I can only report that I have experimented with both concepts and that, in my case, the God concept has proven to be a better basis for living than the man-centered one.

"Nevertheless, I would be the first to defend your right to think as you will. I simply ask this question: 'In your own life, have you ever really tried to think and act as though there might be a God? Have you experimented?'"

As Bill Sees It - p247 - Letter from 1950 (AA)

Building A New Life

We feel a man is unthinking when he says sobriety is enough.

Alcoholics Anonymous - p82 - from Daily Reflections (AA)
Commentary Here

Humility Expressed By Anonymity

Humility is a by-product that allows us to grow and develop in an atmosphere of freedom and removes the fear of becoming known by our employers, families, or friends as addicts.

Commentary: Many of us have not understood the idea that "anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions." We wondered how this could be. What does anonymity have to do with our spiritual life?

The answer is, plenty! By guarding and cherishing our anonymity, we earn spiritual rewards beyond comprehension. There is great virtue in doing something nice for someone and not telling anyone about it. By the same token, resisting the impulse to proudly announce our membership in [NA] to the world - in effect, asking everyone to acknowledge how wonderful we are - makes us value our recovery all the more.

Recovery is a gift that we've received from a Power greater than ourselves. Boasting about our recoery, as if it were our own doing, leads to prideful feelings and grandiosity. But keeping our anonymity leads to humility and feelings of gratitude. Recovery is its own reward; public acclaim can't make it any more valuable than it already is.

Just For Today: Recover is its own reward; I don't need to have mine approved of publicly. I will maintain and cherish my anonymity.

Just For Today - September 3rd (NA)

Heard At Meetings

I had a really good reason for working Step Nine and making amends to my family and friends. I didn’t want a parade of people at my funeral singing, ‘Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead!

Grapevine - Sarasota, Fla., February 2009 (AA)

Atma's Thoughts

Bill W, our beloved co-founder, by the end of his life can be called nothing less than a humanitarian. Through his own encounters with the fiddlers and the devil's drink and asylums and selfishness and ability to save himself and have a Higher Power snatch him from this and turn his horrible experiences into a lifelong endeavor to help those like him is nothing short of remarkable and far more than what most people wish they could achieve. His legacy is still active, and he was bigoted to no soul and understood all of humanity regardless of race, gender, age, sexuality, and most of all faith were the same person in the end, all through the experience of being a selfish, self-destructive alcoholic. It's in that I get what he's saying in #1 and it is far from the evangelism it seems like at first glance.

Bill was never against the sciences or psychologies, and was open to all faiths and beliefs of the world and even has writings dedicated to just agnostics and atheists in his literature, and understood in the end, to reach most humans, you need to understand a bit about all of this and keep it in balance, and that's what he's inviting the scientists in #1 to do. These are the positivists types that won't sleep unless they have proof they'll wake up in exactly 8 hours and be able to work and eat eggs for breakfast and their car will work and their pet will meow and even if one of these things doesn't happen, they scream about it not computing and working against their perfect math.

They're victims of ego. Bill took endless time to write what he meant and his language, to me at least, is very clear and easy and something any layman can digest, and when he says that they're not willing to try, that they're being outright hypocrites going against their very basis of their job, and science's job is to test things and revise information as it comes into play. As we cannot prove either way for sure if a god or any fully exists in a physical sense, it is just as fully stupid to claim it to be the honest truth of our universe that there is none as much as it is a stupid gamble for me to say that there is, hence us wording how we word it as "a God of our understanding" and "as (a Higher Power) might express themselves" because we're not sure and in order to include instead of exclude, you, as a scientist would, have to keep things open-minded.

Open-mindedness and honesty are two of the three main keys to recovery in AA and NA, and the scientists he speaks of are neither. They worship a grotesque form of science that, like bad religion, only affirms their opinions as correct and those of the others against them as false, the devil's words, and lies made to make them look like pond-scum licking and toad worshiping fools. If they were comfortable with themselves, they'd not be so offended when asked if they've tried. Sure, anyone can be a prick and force it on them, but an honest dialogue about belief should not offend a scientist most of all, and should they have tried and it not worked for them, they'll tell us kindly and then, as Bill said, we afford them that right to believe that.

Even if they're rude, we still afford them that right, because that's the right thing to do for anyone.

Bill here is simply asking them to walk a mile in anothers' shoes. He's politely called them all on their bullshit and claims to a higher level of knowledge. A woman in a meeting I heard this week said "I feel it's important to try as many paths as possible so you know what works for you and what doesn't, because you won't be comfortable with yourself or able to recover until you know both very, vey well." I've tried atheism; it just plain doesn't click for me. I'd make a shitty atheist. They don't want me as a club member; I'd only bring the whole clubhouse down. Most people don't spend nearly enough time examining their beliefs and values and he's telling them it's about long past due that they did.

When you're comfortable, you recover, and others can trust you to help guide them in theirs. That's all there is to it. I've let others pray for me in the name of gods I do not follow, but it works for them, and I know they're just trying to put in a good word for me to be able to bank later, since you never know, I might need their payoff instead when I die. There's always a chance. And for that, I'm willing to give other ways a decent thought.

And that is why I can look at that and say "Amen."

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