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Daily thought/discussion post for 09/02/16

instinct To Live

When men and women pour so much alcohol into themselves that they destroy their lives, they commit a most unnatural act. Defying their instinctive desire for self-preservation, they seem bent upon self-destruction. They work against their own deepest instinct.

As they are progressively humbled by the terrific beating administered by alcohol, the grace of God can enter them and expel their obsession. Here their powerful instinct to live can cooperate fully with their Creator's desire to give them new life.


"The central characteristic of the spiritual experience is that it gives the recipient a new and better motivation out of all proportion to any process of discipline, belief, or faith.

"These experiences cannot make us whole at once; they are a rebirth to a fresh and certain opportunity."

As Bill Sees It - p246 - Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions - p64 - Letter from 1965 (AA)

Finding "A Reason To Believe"

The willingness to grow is the essence of all spiritual development.

As Bill Sees It - p171 - from Daily Reflections (AA)
Commentary Here

Higher Powered

Daily practice of our Twelve Step program enables us to change what we were to people guided by a Higher Power.

Commentary: Who have we been, and who have we become? There are a couple of ways to answer this question. One is very simple: We came to [NA] as [addicts], our [addiction] killing us. In [NA], we've been freed from our obsession with [drugs] and our compulsion to [use]. And our lives have changed.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Who have we really been? In the past, we were people without power or direction. We felt like we had no purpose, no reason for living. Our lives didn't make any more sense to us than they did our families, our friends, or our neighbors.

Who are we really becoming? Today, we are not merely [clean addicts], but people with a sense of direction, a purpose, and a Power greater than ourselves. Through daily practice of the Twelve Steps, we've begun to understand how our [addiction] has warped our feelings, motivations, and behavior. Gradually, the destructive force of our disease has been replaced by the life-giving force of our Higher Power.

Recovery means more than cleaning up - it means powering up. We have done more than shed some bad habits; we are becoming new people, guided by a Higher Power.

Just For Today: The guidance I need to become a new person ready at hand. Today, I will draw further away from my old lack of direction and closer to my Higher Power.

Just For Today - September 2nd (NA)

Scene of the Crime

By admitting where I was at fault, I was given the ability to forgive ... With forgiveness came a freedom that I had not anticipated. The amends had required nothing but courage, and a faith that my Higher Power would carry me where I had been too afraid to walk alone.

Grapevine - Sterling, AK, September 1993 (AA)

Atma's Thoughts

Forgiveness is a very hard thing to accept for those who have lived negatively or at a cost or in abuse or neglect or whatnot their whole lives. We are the genuine losers in life, not the sadsacks who mope about wishing for stuff, but the ones who were genuinely dealt a bad hand and now have to bet our survival and our life's work in advanced to try to even get out of it to an even breaking point, should we be that lucky.

It can be hardest and most painful of all for us to somehow function with love and trust instead of punishment; we're built to endure the worst that humanity can sling at us, physically or verbally, and with society seeing us as its degenerate ills, its a constant, and a way to shield ourselves is to just clean up the mess whether it was ours or not, shoulder the guilt, and move on since everyone else is now happy and forgets. If only we could afford to be so flippant and happy to see others shoulder our fuck ups for us.

It will sting and burn the hardest on us at first for a long while, but once that initial burning is done, what's left is an immense amount of healing that no other action can replace. Punishments and negativity will only drive us further down the hole or "at best" just keep us in a stuck hold pattern of thsi kind of behavior.

If you want someone to change, forgive them. I can guarantee you it will be the most bitter but wholesome medicine you can make us swallow. It humanizes us, above all other possible pain, and gives us a shot at an even playing field.


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