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Daily thought/discussion post for 08/28/16

Middle of the Road

"In some sections of A.A., anonymity is carried to the point of real absurdity. Members are on such a poor basis of communication that they don't even know each other's last names or where each lives. It's like the cell of an underground.

"In other sections, we see exactly the reverse. It is difficult to restrain A.A.'s from shouting too much before the whole public, by going on spectacular 'lecture tours' to play the big shot.

"However, I know that from these extremes we slowly pull ourselves onto a middle ground. Most lecture-giving members do not last too long, and the superanonymous people are apt to come out of hiding respecting their A.A. friends, business associates, and the like. I think the long-time trend is toward the middle ofthe road - which is probably where we should be."

As Bill Sees It - p241 - Letter from 1959 (AA)

Lightening The Burdern

Showing others who suffer how we were given help is the very thing which makes life seem so worth while to us now. . . . the dark past is . . . the key to life and happiness for others.

Alcoholics Anonymous - p124 - from Daily Reflections (AA)
Commentary Here

The Light of Exposure

These defects grow in the dark and die in the light of exposure.

Commentary: The Fifth Step asks us to share our true nature with God, with ourselves, and with another human being. It doesn't encourage us to tell everyone every little secret about ourselves. It doesn't ask us to disclose to the whole world every shameful or frightening thought we've ever had. Step Five simply suggests that our secrets cause us more harm than good when we keep them completely to ourselves.

If we give in to our reluctance to reveal our true nature to even one human being, the secret side of our lives becomes more powerful. And when the secrets are in control, they drive a wedge between ourselves, our Higher Power, and the things we value most about our recovery.

When we share our secret selves in confidence with at least one human being - our sponsor, perhaps, or a close friend - this person usually doesn't reject us. We disclose ourselves to someone else and are rewarded with their acceptance. When this happens, we realize that honest sharing is not life-threatening; the secrets have lost their power over us.

Just For Today: I can disarm the secrets in my life by sharing them with one human being.

Just For Today - August 28th (NA)

What is Humility?

Humility is the soil in which all other virtues grow.

Grapevine - Milwaukee, Wis., April 1966 (AA)

Atma's Thoughts

Sometimes, brevity is the soul of wit, and all I can really think of to say, even with a brief internet outage providing me more thought time on this subject as I sit here with my text editor open, is that I am glad that, unlike many I see come into these programs, relapsing again soon after or not, that I am a terrible liar, and praise my Higher Powers that be for giving me the gift of a tender conscience, even if it has landed me sometimes in more hot water than I assume, things usually wind up cooler in the end for me anyways. That, and it keeps me out of a lot more trouble than most people seem to get into.


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